How Machine Control Can Increase ROI for Your Construction Company 

Machine control has transformed the construction industry. Operators are working more quickly, more safely, and more accurately than ever before. While the construction industry has been facing significant workforce shortages, especially in skilled labor, machine control systems have helped fill in these gaps and reduced the number of crew members needed to complete a project.

When it comes to increasing your construction company’s ROI, investing in machine control is a no-brainer! Your company will increase output and improve the quality of work while simplifying the process. Although the high price tag for machine control systems can scare off some operators from taking the plunge, those who do invest in upgrading their equipment and processes gain a competitive edge and can scale their businesses more quickly. 

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What Are the Cost Benefits of Machine Control Systems? 

Many companies are investing in machine control systems because they are proven to help boost productivity and increase ROI. Here are just a few of the ways that automating your machinery can save you on cost, grow your business, and increase your profits. 

Increase Accuracy and Avoid Mistakes 

Think back on all the times you completed a task, like digging a trench, only to make costly mistakes in your measurements. These errors add up over time — adding time to the project, increasing labor costs, and likely making your customers unhappy. 

Now, if you get the job done right the first time, you don’t have to pay the extra costs of fixing your errors and can more quickly move on to the next project. Machine control systems use lasers, sensors, or GPS technology to help you precisely check grade and position your machinery. You’ll have actual data to guide you in your decisions, rather than having to depend on the skill of your crew.

Reduce Labor Costs and Strengthen Your Crew

With machine control systems, you can make everyone on your crew more efficient and effective — from novice operators to the most skilled members of your crew. 2D and 3D systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. 

While machine control won’t completely bridge the skill gap between a new operator and an operator who has had more than 10 years of experience grading and working with heavy equipment, these systems speed up the learning process. Training new crew members can be expensive, especially when your veteran operators are cutting into their workday to help teach new employees. Simplifying this process can greatly increase your ROI and allow you to grow and scale your business more affordably. 

Machine control systems also optimize your workflow, allowing you to cut out time-consuming steps that would require additional crew members to complete. With these systems, you can exclude a lot of the prep work, such as staking and grade checking.

Maximize Equipment Performance 

Not only do you save significant time and effort using machine control systems, but you optimize the use of equipment as well. Heavy equipment can be incredibly expensive, and excessive maintenance costs or breakdowns can hike up overhead costs. 

By using more precise measurements, your machinery isn’t forced to work more than needed due to overdigging.  Your equipment will get the same job done with fewer moves. There’s also the added benefit of cutting down on fuel use. 

Decrease Workplace Accidents

Crew safety is a top concern for construction company owners. Even small injuries can hurt your bottom line. Worker’s compensation claims can mean higher premiums from your company’s insurance agency. You may also need to hire and train additional crew members for a long-term injury, spend extra time handling administrative details, pay any fines or penalties and halt production while handling and assessing the accident. 

Machine control systems play a big role in increasing worksite safety. There is less need for people to be on the ground or to leave their machines to perform ongoing grade and depth checks. 3D systems allow operators the ability to see their equipment in relation to the job site and to avoid hitting utility lines or other obstacles. 

How Much Do Machine Control Systems Cost?

It’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on automating your heavy equipment without factoring in all the variables. Factors such as machine modifications, hydraulic packages, and the system needed can all affect the cost of purchasing and integrating machine control systems. 

The best way to get an accurate range on how much it would cost to upgrade your machinery is to get a quote from our team at GPS Alaska. We’ll provide you with a free quote by looking up your equipment’s serial number, learning more about your machines and your operating needs, and completing an inspection if necessary. 

Will Machine Control Increase ROI? 

The main reason most of our customers make the switch to machine control systems is to increase their ROI. The construction field is evolving, and many operators are automating some or all of their equipment. Many of our customers report seeing an increase in quality and speed by 50% or more. 

Since machine control systems can be so expensive, it only makes sense that you want to ensure it will produce a great ROI for your business. At GPS Alaska, we have ROI calculators available so you can get an estimate of what your ROI will be based on the cost of your project. 

Get Started With Alaska’s Only Authorized Topcon Dealer 

When you automate your construction equipment with GPS Alaska, you aren’t just getting state-of-the-art equipment that will revolutionize how you work.  You’ll also receive the top support in the industry. From helping you choose the best equipment for your business’s unique needs to providing you with training and continued support, consider us your trusted expert partners in all things machine control. 

We carry products from Topcon, one of the leading machine control manufacturers in the world. We’ll install and calibrate your systems for you, and we’re always available and ready to help our Alaska customers if you need a repair. We have several Topcon certified repair technicians on staff and can fix your equipment in-house — often on the same day. We also offer remote support, so our technicians can log in to your equipment remotely to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues. 

Whether you’re a small operator or a large construction company in Alaska, we have several solutions available that can help you increase ROI. From entry-level 2D machine control systems, to the most sophisticated solutions on the market, we’ll guide you in choosing the best products. 

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