Takeoff modeling software running on laptop and TopCon FC-6000

Takeoff and Modeling Services in Alaska 

Partner With Us to Scale Your Construction Operation 

Outsource 3D Model Building to the Machine Control Experts 

3D machine control systems can revolutionize the way you do construction, but obtaining Digital Terrain Models (DTM) can be a challenge for many owners. You might not have someone on your staff that has the expertise to create these models, and it might not make much financial sense to hire an in-house model builder, especially if you don’t expect to make models very frequently. 

If you’re tired of 3D model creation being a consistent hang-up in your workflow, outsourcing these services to GPS Alaska can ease the process. You won’t have to add a new employees to your payroll or increase overhead costs by purchasing new equipment. We provide quick turnaround times, so you’ll never get slowed down waiting on a model for your next project, and you can rely on our machine control expertise to make you highly accurate, detailed DTMs.

Digital Terrain Model

Place More Bids With Construction Takeoff Services

Are inaccurate takeoffs causing you to consistently provide low estimates or order too much material? Have material takeoffs gotten in the way of you having the time to place more bids and grow your business? By outsourcing takeoffs to GPS Alaska, you can come on top in the long run. You’ll save money not hiring an in-house estimating team, and you’ll be able to bid on, and therefore win, more projects.

GPS Alaska provides incredibly accurate takeoffs by converting 2D grading plans into 3D. With 3D models, we can precisely determine the exact volume of dirt or other materials needed to complete a project. We’ll get this information back to you in a timely manner, so you can quickly place your bid and move on to the next one. 

Takeoff Modeling software

Lean on Our Expert Services for Machine Control Models and Takeoffs

Takeoffs and Digital Terrain Models can be a great source of stress for contractors. GPS Alaska is already an expert in your industry. Partner with us to gain back your peace of mind and have the machine control experts handle your needs. We’ll make the process easy – from providing you a quote, delivering the finished product, to making any adjustments. 

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