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GPS Alaska is your source for the most cutting-edge surveying machine control systems, positioning products, and other infrastructure technology to automate your construction or surveying operation. We carry a large selection of equipment from Topcon Positioning System and our industry partners. Whether you need a product for a specific product are interested in our Rent-To-Own (RTO) options, our team can get you set up with technology that will help you beat your productivity goals.

GNSS Receivers

Topcon HiPer HR UHF GNSS Receiver
  • 452 GNSS channel Vanguard Technology™ with Universal Tracking Channels for multi-frequency tracking of multiple satellite constellations such as GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS, SBAS and Galileo.
  • Industry leading full-wave Fence Antenna™ technology
  • An internal battery and a detachable external battery
  • An internal UHF or FH-915 radio modem
  • Integrated Bluetooth®, multi-channel LongLink™, and Wi-Fi wireless and radio technology
  • Topcon Integrated Leveling Technology (TILT™)
Topcon HiPer VR UHF GNSS Receiver
  • Universal tracking technology for all satellites and constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, IRNSS, QZSS, SBAS) covering all modernized signals
  • Field tested, field ready IP67 design
  • Compact form factor ideal for Millimeter GPS and Hybrid Positioning
  • Revolutionary 9-axis IMU and ultra-compact 3-axis eCompass
  • Integrated 400 MHz UHF Tx/Rx Radio Modem
  • Integrated License free 900 MHz Radio Modem, FH915 protocol
Topcon HiPer V UHF GNSS Receiver
  • Vanguard Technology
  • 226 Universal Channel flexibility
  • Rugged Magnesium Alloy Construction
  • Integrated RTK & Static Receiver
  • Fence Antenna signal tracking
Topcon GR-5 UHF GNSS Receiver
  • 226-Channel Vanguard Technology™ with Universal Tracking Channels
  • Advanced Fence Antenna™ Technology
  • High accuracy RTK with updates up to 100Hz
  • Fully integrated radio and cellular configuration
  • 32GB SDHC storage support
  • Dual hot-swappable batteries providing a full day of operation


LZ-T5 MMGPS Laser TransmitterLZ-T5 MMGPS Laser Transmitter

The LZ-T5 laser transmitter operates similar to a standard rotating laser, but transmits a unique signal to provide a working range of 1000 ft and a measuring area of 33ft in height. Up to four laser transmitters can be linked for use on large sites. Each LZ-T5 laser transmitter also supports multiple rovers, even at different elevations for continuous production.

Topcon PZS-1 MMGPS Laser SensorTopcon PZS-1 MMGPS Laser Sensor

The PZS-1 sensor instantly computes precise vertical information from the LZ-T5 laser transmitter. Using Lazer Zone technology, the PZS-1 automatically determines elevation based on jobsite control. Mounting the PZS-1 to a range pole and attaching a GPS+ receiver allows the sensor to receive the LZ-T5 laser signal and wirelessly transmit data to the receiver.

Topcon PZS-MC MMGPS Laser SensorTopcon PZS-MC MMGPS Laser Sensor
  • The PZS-MC sensor replaces the machine-mounted GPS antenna. The PZS-MC sensor combines the MC-A1 GPS antenna with laser sensor technology into a total package. LazerZoneTM technology allows the sensor to detect up to four different LZ-T5 laser transmitters for increased range. The sensor attaches to a GPS vibration pole on the machine blade, and cables connect the receiver to the MC-R3 Receiver Box for sending corrections to the control box.

External Radio Boosters

Topcon SRL-35 35 Watt UHF External RadioTopcon SRL-35 35 Watt UHF External Radio
  • High output power of up to 35Watt*
  • Wide 70 MHz (403-473 MHz) operating range
  • User selectable channel spacing (12.5, 20 or 25 kHz)
  • Fully compatible with 3rd party radio broadcast such as Satel, PDL and TrimTalk**
  • Multi-function LCD user interface to indicate current operating status and configure the radio modem
  • Automatic prevention of overheating
  • Industry standard IP-67 rating to withstand harsh surveying and construction environment
Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro 35 Watt UHF External RadioPacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro 35 Watt UHF External Radio
  • Configurable Transmit Power as low as 2 Watt for longer battery life as high as 35W for longer range
  • Multi-function user interface
  • High Over-the-Air Link Rate 19,200 bps (both GMSK and 4FSK)
  • Supports 1Hz RTK corrections for multi-GNSS receivers
  • Software-Derived Channel Bandwidth Compatible with both 12.5 and 25 kHz radios

Optical Instruments

Topcon GT-1200/600 Robotic Total StationTopcon GT-1200/600 Robotic Total Station
  • Precise positioning with single-person operation
  • High-speed advanced ultrasonic motors
  • Easy to use with MAGNET or Pocket3D software
  • Seamless integration into BIM workflows
  • Ultra-rugged IP65 dust and water resistance
  • UltraTrac™ prism tracking
  • Maintain work pace with total station locked onto the prism, even in challenging environments
Topcon GTS-235NW Conventional Total StationTopcon GTS-235NW Conventional Total Station
  • Economical, value priced measuring solution
  • Superior Waterproof and Dustproof (IP54)
  • High Accuracy & Long Measuring Range
  • Dual-Axis Tilt Sensor
  • On-board programs with 24,000 points data storage
  • Ideal construction total station
Topcon GTS-245NW Conventional Total StationTopcon GTS-245NW Conventional Total Station
  • Economical, value priced measuring solution
  • Superior Waterproof and Dustproof (IP54)
  • High Accuracy & Long Measuring Range
  • Dual-Axis Tilt Sensor
  • On-board programs with 24,000 points data storage
  • Ideal construction total station
Topcon LN-150 Layout ToolTopcon LN-150 Layout Tool

The LN-150 takes you from paper plans and tape measures into digital layout and construction verification workflows. This tool is easy to learn and easy to use, letting you automate and execute layout and construction verification processes for increased productivity, accuracy, and bottom-line savings.

Topcon DL-502 Digital LevelTopcon DL-502 Digital Level
  • One Button Triggers Measurement and Data Storage
  • 0.6mm/0.8mm Height Accuracy
  • “Wave-and-Read” Technology Guarantees Easy and Accurate Measurement
  • Pre-installed Measurement Programs, Height Difference Measurement
  • Inverse Staff Reading for Ceiling Height
  • Internal Memory
Topcon AT-B Series Auto LevelTopcon AT-B Series Auto Level
  • Durable, Dependable, High Value Auto Levels
  • 3 Models – 32x, 28x, and 24x Magnifications
  • Rapid, Accurate, and Stable Automatic Compensation
  • Ultra-Short 20cm (7.9 in.) Focusing
  • All-Weather Dependability
  • Clampless, Endless Fine Horizontal Adjustments

Field Controllers

Topcon FC-6000 Data Collector with Magnet Field or Pocket 3D SoftwareTopcon FC-6000 Data Collector with Magnet Field or Pocket 3D Software
  • Sunlight-readable 7 in. display
  • Intel® Quad-Core Pentium N4200 processor
  • MIL-STD-810G and IP68 certified
  • Windows® 10 operating system
  • 8 MP rear camera, 2 MP front camera
  • Integrated 4G LTE cellular module
  • External Keyboard and docking station

Lasers and Receivers

Topcon RL-200 2S Dual Sloping LaserTopcon RL-200 2S Dual Sloping Laser
  • 7 Arc Second Accuracy
  • Wide Grade Range (up to 25% slope) without Slope Blocks
  • Extra-long Battery Life (100 hours)
  • Increased Range–up to 3,600 ft. (1,100m)
  • Graphical Display
  • Full Function Remote RL-200 2S Only
Topcon RL-SV2S Dual Sloping LaserTopcon RL-SV2S Dual Sloping Laser
  • Long Range Operation (800m)
  • Horizontal, Multi-Slope & Vertical Applications
  • Extra Long Battery Life (120 hours)
  • Tough IP66 Construction Rating
  • Remote Control
Topcon RL-H4C General Construction Flat Plane LaserTopcon RL-H4C General Construction Flat Plane Laser
  • Long Range Operation (400m)
  • New Smart Long Range Laser Receiver
  • Tough IP66 Construction Rating
  • New Dual Handle Design
  • ±10 Arc Seconds Horizontal Accuracy
  • ±5 Degrees Self-leveling Range
  • Longest Battery Life in its Class (100 hours)
Topcon Pipe LaserTopcon Pipe Laser
  • Compact design adds flexibility
  • -15% to 40% grade setting range
  • Green laser
  • Long battery life
  • Self-leveling
  • Plumb beam
Topcon LS-B10 and LS-B10W Laser ReceiversTopcon LS-B10 and LS-B10W Laser Receivers
  • Small, lightweight design
  • 270° detection
  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • Wireless support & CAN support
  • Bright indicator lights
  • Magnetic: use anywhere
Topcon LS-B100 Series Laser ReceiverTopcon LS-B100 Series Laser Receiver
  • Large working range
  • 360° detection
  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • Wireless & CAN compatible
  • On-grade matching
  • Plumb / Tilt indication
  • Universal pole clamp

Machine Sensors

Topcon SL-100 Cellular Communication ModuleTopcon SL-100 Cellular Communication Module
  • Compact, construction-tough communications gateway
  • Sitelink3D job-site connectivity
  • Integrated 4G LTE cellular module and WiFi access point functionality
  • RS-232, CAN Open, CAN J1939, 10/100 Ethernet connectivity
  • Bluetooth Technology
Topcon GX-55 Control BoxTopcon GX-55 Control Box

The 6.5 inch screen GX-55 delivers the highest quality graphical interface experience for modern machine control. The GX-55 was designed to handle rugged field conditions as well as harness powerful processing power needed to instantly display real time position and project design information.

Topcon GX-75 Control BoxTopcon GX-75 Control Box

The 10.5 inch screen GX-75 delivers the highest quality, graphical interface experience for modern machine control. The GX-75 also includes LED light bars that allow operators to easily see where they are in relation to grade. It includes an adjustable mounting backpack designed to provide versatility — whether an operator prefers to view project information on the left, right or center of the cab.

Topcon MC-R3 UHF GNSS Machine Control ReceiverTopcon MC-R3 UHF GNSS Machine Control Receiver

Topcon’s MC-R3 is the heart of Topcon’s 3D GPS+ system. The MC-R3 contains all receivers, radios, and controllers in a single tough housing. A built-in MINTER panel provides status lights and function keys for easy performance verification and system checks. The MC-R3 also features an ethernet port, robust processing power, and additional valve drivers for the widest array of machine compatibility.

Topcon MC-i4 Dual UHF GNSS Machine Control ReceiverTopcon MC-i4 Dual UHF GNSS Machine Control Receiver

The MC-i4 receiver features an internal SL-R4 board which contains an integrated digital UHF radio, LongLinkTM Bluetooth, and a GSM/CDMA modem for Sitelink3D ready on almost all network connections. The rugged design allows for ultra reliability in even the harshest site conditions. The MC-i4 was subjected to IP67 testing specifications which require the hardware to have extreme protection against moisture and dust as well as stringent drop and vibration requirements.

Topcon System V Paver Control BoxTopcon System V Paver Control Box
  • Unique multiple elevation offset capability
  • Fast, smooth proportional control compatible with OEM tractor valves or any type of electrical control valve
  • Hydraulic control adjustment capable right from the box
  • Current Regulated proportional outputs
  • Large backlit LCD Digital Display
  • Tough embedded membrane switches
  • Fingertip selected menus and functions
  • Bright adjustable 3-color LED grade lights
  • Convenient, out-of-the-way mounting
Topcon GC-35 Paver Control BoxTopcon GC-35 Paver Control Box

The GC-35 graphical computer display is designed for rugged machine environments. Light and compact with a full-color LCD screen, Topcon’s GC-35 is a single-function machine control platform that provides the operator with real-time grade information and control. The GC-35 comes preloaded with application- specific software. The new control box is field reprogrammable and backwards compatible with System IV and System V sensors. A simple design and new sealed elastomer buttons allow for easy-to-use menus and functions for a wide variety of machine control applications.

Topcon Sonic Tracker IITopcon Sonic Tracker II
  • High-resolution sonics for application versatility. Use references such as: elevated stringline, surface string, poured curbs, or existing surface
  • Rugged cast housing with completely sealed internal electronics
  • Easy to attach and position over reference
  • Bright grade indication LED’s display continuous grade information
  • Snap on temperature bail
  • Field replaceable sonic transducers
Topcon ST-3 Sonic TrackerTopcon ST-3 Sonic Tracker
  • Multiple Transducers
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Routine Transducer Replacement Not Required
  • Environmental Specs IP67
  • Position indication on stringline
  • Wide range linear detection on stringline
  • Works better in tight areas
  • Smoother and faster

Dozer Machine Control Systems

Topcon MC-MAX Mastless Dozer SystemTopcon MC-MAX Mastless Dozer System

A revolutionary dozing system, MC-X MAX delivers the highest productivity dozer solution for any rough or fine grading application. The mastless MC-X MAX uses three of our industry leading IMU sensors, both the body, C frame, and blade sensor will keep the blade cutting edge on grade for any application. This system was built to keep you productive on any jobsite providing maximum speed, maximum control, and maximum performance.

Topcon 3D-MC Dozer Dual or Twin Antenna systemTopcon 3D-MC Dozer Dual or Twin Antenna system

For road building, site work, contour grading, or any other complex surface grading requirements, Topcon’s 3D-GPS+ will put more money to your bottom line – where it counts. Comes in Single-Antenna, Dual-Antenna, and Twin-Antenna.

Topcon 3D-MC2 Dozer SystemTopcon 3D-MC2 Dozer System

Topcon’s 3D-MC² takes 3D machine control to a whole new level, making your dozer a high-speed finishing tool! The secret to 3D-MC²’s increased grade performance is a revolutionary 3D-MC² sensor which measures movement and rotation in 9 axes, and 10 times faster than standard systems.

Grader Machine Control Systems

Topcon 3D-MG2 Grader SystemTopcon 3D-MG2 Grader System

3D-MC² raises performance up to 200% over existing 3D systems — whatever the ground, whoever the operator. Adding 3D-MC² to your motor grader allows the control system to immediately sense any changes in the cutting edge position and instantly make corrections. You’ll save time, fuel and money at every pass. Finish grades at higher speeds and tighter tolerances

Topcon MMGPS Grader SystemTopcon MMGPS Grader System

Millimeter GPS+ for grader combines the advantages of laser (multi-user & high vertical accuracy) with GPS (multi-user & 3D) into one versatile and easy to use system. This patented technology improves grading accuracy up to 300% over existing 3D-GPS machine systems. Unlike any other laser technology, the LZ-T5 transmitter sends out a wall of light 33’ tall and up to 2000’ in diameter. Simply add the PZS-MC machine control sensor and watch your GPS vertical accuracy shrink down to numbers you never imagined before.

Topcon 3D LPS Grader SystemTopcon 3D LPS Grader System

When satellites are not visible, LPS (Local Position System) is the right choice. Situations like tunnels, densely-built areas or forests make it tough to use satellites. This is where LPS comes in. Using a standard robotic total station for guidance ensures accurate blade position.

Excavator Machine Control Systems

Topcon MC-MAX fully automatic control excavator systemTopcon MC-MAX Fully Automatic Control Excavator System

The MC-X MAX excavator system simultaneously delivers position and grade guidance. The system constantly interacts with available GNSS constellations to track the excavator’s position on the planet, while sensors track the bucket’s relation to the target grade. Click the auto button and the excavator will cut the grade for you.

Topcon X-52x 2D Excavator SystemTopcon X-52x 2D Excavator System

The X-52x is a user-friendly 2D excavator grade indication system. This system instantly eliminates over-excavation and controls material usage, saving both time and money. It features the rugged, touch-screen Windows-based GX-55 control box.

Topcon 3D LPS Excavator SystemTopcon 3D LPS Excavator System

Topcon’s LPS for excavators uses our leading optical technology combined with our versatile MC-i4 receiver to deliver through the lens machine control on all 3D jobsites. When satellites are not visible, LPS (Local Position System) is the right choice. Situations like tunnels, densely-built areas or forests make it tough to use satellites. This is where LPS comes in. Using a standard robotic total station for guidance ensures accurate blade position.

Asphalt Paving Systems

Topcon P-32 2D Asphalt Paver SystemTopcon P-32 2D Asphalt Paver System

The proven Sonic Tracker and Cross Slope sensor complete the P-32 system that will give you high quality results in any 2D paving application. With the GC-35 control box, new bracket design and improved, lighter and more durable cables, 2D paving has never been easier!

Topcon MMGPS Paver SystemTopcon MMGPS Paver System

Paving 3D-mmGPS incorporates the flexibility of GNSS with the accuracy of a laser Millimeter-accurate control in three dimensions. Using standard Topcon machine control components which can be swapped between machines, the Millimeter GPS system adds a laser transmitter unique to the construction industry that truly augments the GNSS position, to radically improve vertical accuracy. The same job file that controls your grading machines plugs in here too.

Topcon LPS Paver SystemTopcon LPS Paver System

Our LPS paver system delivers the most accurate data to your paver’s control system, without interruption. This sub-centimeter solution confidently communicates through multiple Robotic Total Stations to an on-board radio hub via long range Bluetooth® LongLink technology.

Milling Machine Control Systems

Topcon P-32 2D Milling SystemTopcon P-32 2D Milling System

The time tested P-32 2D milling system delivers ultimate reliability. 2D milling provides smooth results for elevation and slope control by using a sonic averaging system. Paired with the industry standard for elevation and slope control for asphalt milling, the patented Sonic Averaging System (SAS) provides smoother results offsets allow for any chosen mill depth; the time-tested system delivers ultimate reliability.

Topcon MMGPS 3D Milling SystemTopcon MMGPS 3D Milling System

MMGPS milling changes the way road resurfacing is done. To save time and to keep you a step ahead, your 3D design model now dictates and controls milling depth. Get ready to leave manual processes of milling thickness or reading out mill-marks on the road behind. The entire set up is much easier than before, with no string lines or physical references needed. It all works from accurate Topcon Millimeter GPS technology and a 3D design, leading the milling crew to unmatched results.

Intelligent Compaction Systems

Topcon C-53 Intelligent Compaction SystemTopcon C-53 Intelligent Compaction System

The C-53 system gives you the best in real-time quality control. No more guessing about right number of passes, mix temperature or stiffness. Topcon’s integrated system actively displays pass counts, ICMV values, and mix temperatures as you pave. This data is continuously updated though the Sitelink3D Enterprise status page where real-time progress is displayed and saved for future reporting. And the C-53 keeps you in control without even being on the site. You can manage errors before they happen and fix problems remotely.

Weighing Systems

Pfreundt WK60-S Loader ScalePfreundt WK60-S Loader Scale

High accuracy onboard wheel loader scale. Typical accuracy of 99% or better with dynamic, weigh-in-motion technology.

Topcon Loadmaster a100Topcon Loadmaster a100

The LOADMASTER α100 is a CAN based system setting a benchmark for the industry combining cutting edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques providing precise and consistent weight information. With the ever-increasing focus on productivity, LOADMASTER α100 has been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments and toughest of conditions compensating for uneven, sloped ground and restricted loading areas reducing cycle times and maximizing tons per hour performance.

Drones and UAV

Phantom 4 RTK Drone KitDJI Phantom 4 RTK Equipment

The Phantom 4 RTK is DJI’s first survey-focused UAV. The real-time kinematic (RTK) unit on the drone itself allows photos to be geotagged with survey-grade accuracy.

Seafloor Systems HydroLite-TM EchosounderSeafloor Systems HydroLite-TM Echosounder

The HydroLite-TM™ quickly measures and logs depths more accurately than standard systems, making fast work of ponds, rivers, lakes, and more. Pair with your favorite GNSS system.

AeroPoints Smart Ground Control Points (Each)AeroPoints Smart Ground Control Points (Each)

AeroPoints™ are high-precision, smart ground control points, thoughtfully designed for drone beginners, but precise enough for survey veterans. Forget hours with bases and rovers, just lay out your AeroPoints and let them do the work.