Excavator at work using the iDig Grade Control System

The iDig Grade Control System

Upgrade to the Most Affordable and Seamless Excavating Machine Control System 

Discover a New Way to Excavate With a Modern 2D Machine Control System

Leave your preconceptions about 2D machine control systems in the past. The iDig Grade Control System is affordable, versatile, easy to use, and effective. The ideal excavating machine for civic contractors, iDig comes with a generous number of features at an unbeatably low price tag, so you can boost performance without a hefty entry fee.

Excavator digs trench using the iDig Grade Control System

Let iDig Take Care of All the Heavy Lifting for You 

Speed, efficiency, safety, and profitability are your top concerns during any excavating job. iDig will help you drastically improve in every area. By keeping your operators in the cab instead of on the ground, you can keep your crew safe while providing them with the tools to do their fastest and most accurate work. 

Excavator bucket hauls dirt using the iDig Grade Control System

Key Features of iDig

  • Easy cable-free installation 
  • Solar battery charging system 
  • Excavator machine recognition 
  • Versatile multi-machine system 
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface 
  • Efficient cab grade control 
  • Compact clip sensors   
  • Water- and dirt-proof design 
Excavator works in the mud using the iDig Grade Control System

Unlock Profitability on the Job Site With GPS Alaska 

Looking for a machine control system that has just enough punch to meet your crew’s needs? The iDig grade control system can meet all your basic excavating needs, allowing you to accurately dig trenches, foundations, slopes, embankments, and more. Get in touch with our machine control tech specialists at GPS Alaska to learn which excavating solution is best for your next project.