Man on jobsite uses the P-32 Paver System

The P-32 Paver System

Stay in Control With an Automatic Asphalt Paver Control System 

Pave Smoother Roads With a Universal 2D Screed Control System for Paving Machines

Great things come in small packages. The P-32 allows asphalt paving operators to increase road smoothness and accuracy with a compact, user-friendly control box. This system works with most full-size asphalt pavers and provides automatic screed control on both sides. Operators can easily monitor slop and elevation while paving.

The P-32 Paver System

Discover the Next Generation of Screed Control 

The P-32 Paver System provides unparalleled screen control, using the top technology and components available. The side-mounted GC-35 Control Box is dependable, easy to read in any lighting, and fast. The P-32 uses Topcon’s Sonic Averaging System, an effective alternative to the conventional mechanical ski. 

Road construction site using the P-32 Paver System

Key Features of the P-32 Paver System 

  • Waterproof and AP67-rated 
  • Backward compatible with Topcon’s System Five 
  • 3.5in LCD with three-color grade graphics 
  • Side-mounted cable system 
  • Trackerjack laser receiver 
  • Cross slope sensors 
  • Sonic Averaging System 
  • Dual-side screen control 
  • String line and surface string reference modes 
  • Slope and elevation information display 
  • Compatibility with most asphalt pavers 
Asphalt road roller at work using The P-32 Paver System

Invest in Advanced Screed Control With GPS Alaska 

Screed control is essential for achieving perfectly paved roads every time. The P-32 Paver System is the most advanced 2D screed control system available and is sure to increase your productivity and accuracy. You’re sure to see an ROI and increase profits in the long run. Contact GPS Alaska today to discover technology that will revolutionize your road paving operation.