The FC-6400 Rugged tablet

All-weather, powerhouse tablet for unstoppable productivity

A Capable and Hardy Computer Always Within Hands’ Reach  

The FC-6400 streamlines precision survey and construction tasks with its high-performance workflows, lightweight mobility, and user-friendly design. Its advanced processing speed and graphics enable seamless data management and visualization, enhancing the efficiency of operating Topcon field software and beyond.

Stay on task even in challenging conditions

Multiple technologies deliver power and control starting with its handy 7-inch display specifically designed for visibility in direct sunlight, the FC-6400 rugged tablet is built with your productivity in mind. When the weather throws you a new challenge, use your fingertips, gloves, or a small tipped, optically bonded stylus to remain in control even while working in wet conditions.

The field-ready IP68 environmental rating certifies that the unit is protected against dust and is waterproof for up to two hours at a one meter depth. The FC-6400 has been independently certified as MIL-STD-810H and can operate in temperatures from -20° C to 50° C (-4° F to 122° F).

The unit is built for speed with an Intel® N200 processor that drives any Topcon software with ease and can work with your large design files. The USB-C connector conveniently enables a single plug for data transfer, power, and docking station connectivity.

Key Features of the FC-6400

  • Sunlight-readable 7 in. display
  • Intel® N200 3.7GHz Processor
  • MIL-STD-810H and IP68 certified
  • Windows® 11 Pro operating system
  • 13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera
  • Integrated 4G LTE cellular module

Communication at a distance 

Topcon’s exclusive LongLink™ communication technology provides the ability to connect and drive Topcon total stations and GNSS receivers wirelessly out to 500 meters (1,640 feet), depending upon field conditions.

Optional accessory

Glove-friendly keyboard for rapid, tactile typing
This keyboard is designed for on-the-fly installation and quickly snaps onto the FC-6400. No tools are required. The full QWERTY keyboard features tactile feedback and raised keys. This helps improve performance in cold weather when operators are wearing gloves.

Productivity is driven by smart software


MAGNET Field streamlines infrastructure workflows by providing accurate measurements, data collection, and real-time collaboration through MAGNET Enterprise.

Topcon Digital Layout

Designed for building construction applications to enable new and existing users to painlessly adopt digital layout without a steep learning curve.

Pocket 3D

From simple grade checking to complex road design layout, this proven construction software solution compliments the 3D-MC software within
Topcon machine control systems.

Collect, Connect, and Conquer

Stay current and in control with secure connectivity to either MAGNET Enterprise or Sitelink3D web services. Data transfer is instant and easy.