GT Series Robotic Total Station on a construction site

GT Series Robotic Total Station 

Lay Points Precisely and Accurately With a Single-Operator System 

Quicken the Pace With a High-Speed Ultrasonic Robotic Total Station

Looking for the most accurate and high-performing robotic total station around? The GT-1200 and GT-600 Topcon robotic total stations are guaranteed to help you work as accurately and efficiently as possible. Designed to streamline your production workflows, the GT Series robotic total station is the most proficient robotic system around, helping you finish the job more quickly and reducing costly rework. 

GT Series Robotic Total Station

Stay on Track With UltraTrac™ Prism Tracking 

Powered by Ultrasonic motors, your GT Series Robotic Total Station can meet the demands of any work site. With UltraTrac™ prism tracking, the GT-1200 and GT-600 maintain a prism lock, using high-speed Ultrasonic motor control and optimal sensors. If you ever lose line of sight, you can establish prism lock with the touch of a button. By integrating your robotic station with GNSS technology, you can take advantage of Hybrid Positioning™ and maintain accuracy even when a line of sight isn’t possible.

GT Series Robotic Total Station in use

GT Series Robotic Total Station Key Features

  • UltraTrac™ prism tracking 
  • LongLink™ Bluetooth communication
  • Highly precise ultrasonic motors
  • RC-5A for reestablishing prism lock 
  • Refelctorless measurement for any point or feature 
  • GNSS integration with Hybrid Positioning™
  • MAGNET or Pocket3D software integration 
  • Meets IP65 durability standards 
  • Single-person operation 
GT Series Robotic Total Station at use on construction site

Make Your Operation Even More Productive With GPS Alaska

To stay competitive as a contractor or surveyor, you need to be the quickest and most accurate crew out there. The GT Series Robotic Total Station integrates with other Topcon hardware and software, allowing you to collet data, communicate with your team, and monitor machine control systems with one integrated product line. Contact GPS Alaska to add the GT Series Robot to your workflow.