HiPer HR GNSS Receiver at a construction job site

The HiPer HR GNSS Receiver 

 Boost Your Capabilities With a Powerful GNSS Receiver in a Small Package  

Invest in the Next Generation of Multi-Purpose GNSS Technology 

The HiPer HR GNSS Receiver does it all. An integrated, multi-purpose solution, this rugged and lightweight receiver can be used for a wide range of applications, including field surveying, construction surveying, and mapping. It is the GNSS receiver of the future while providing features customers know and love, and it maintains backward compatibility with all previous Topcon receiver products. 

HiPer HR GNSS Receiver

Overcome the Challenges of Any Field or Jobsite 

The HiPer HR GNSS Receiver was built to withstand even the most difficult environments. It’s portable, waterproof, and ready to integrate with cellular, LongLink, radio communications, or a Network RTK rover via correction services, such as TopNET Live Alaska. With its 9-axis TILT™ compensation and 3-axis digital compass, the HiPer HR can compensate for up to 15° of tilt – allowing you to more quickly and easily measure far distances without an offset. 

Construction worker using a HiPer HR GNSS Receiver

Features of the HiPer HR GNSS Receiver  

  • Superior reception with the next-generation Fence antenna 
  • 9-axis TILT™ compensation combined with a digital compass 
  • Internal Wi-Fi and multi-spectrum Bluetooth
  • Swappable external battery system for extended use 
  • Waterproof IP67 construction 
  • Integrated with cellular, LongLink, and radio communications 
  • 452 GNSS channel Vanguard Technology™
  • Internal UHF or FH-915 radio modem 
  • Hybrid Positioning Technology capabilities with MAGNET Field and Topcon robotic station
Surveyor using a HiPer HR GNSS Receiver

Find the Best GNSS Solution for Your Needs With GPS Alaska 

GPS Alaska is the only certified Topcon retailer in the state of Alaska. We can help you choose the right GNSS solution for your surveying or construction operation. Combined with our stellar service and product expertise, your partnership with GPS Alaska will help you revolutionize how you work and get you the highest return on the technology you invest in.