HiPer VR GNSS Receiver with windmills in the background

The HiPer VR GNSS Receiver 

 Get the Most From Your Compact Topcon GNSS Receiver 

Take Measurements More Accurately and Efficiently 

A versatile and compact GNSS solution, the HiPer VR GNSS Receiver offers a wide range of benefits to field surveyors and contractors. Its compact size makes it the ideal choice for Millimeter GPS  and Hybrid Positioning functions. The HiPer VR features Topcon’s proprietary TILT™ compensation, allowing it to accurately compensate for up to 15° of tilt and measure to a building’s edge without needing an offset. 

HiPer VR GNSS Receiver 

Access Universal Tracking for All GNSS Satellites Constellations 

The HiPer VR has access to Topcon’s Universal Tracking Channels Technology, which is an advanced GNSS chipset that enables the GNSS receiver to automatically track every satellite signal. This includes future constellations that are yet to be launched. Covering all modernized signals, the VR can track GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, IRNSS, QZSS, and SBAS. 

Construction working using HiPer VR GNSS Receiver 

Key Features of the HiPer VR GNSS Receiver  

  • TILT™ feature combining a 9-axis UMU and 3-axis e-compass 
  • Universal tracking technology for all satellites 
  • Rugged, field-tested IP67 construction 
  • Integrated 400MHz UHF Tx/Rx Radio Modem 
  • Integrated license-free 900 MHz Radio Modem 
  • Access to 296 GNSS channels
Construction worker setting up HiPer VR GNSS Receiver 

Invest in a GNSS Solution That Grows With You at GPS Alaska 

With the ability to access the constellations of tomorrow and configurable features, the HiPer VR will never go out of style. It can take awkward or hard-to-reach measurements, and it’s designed to withstand heavy use and all job site conditions. Contact GPS Alaska today to learn more about the HiPer VR for your Alaskan surveying or construction business.