Office worker connecting to the field with MAGNET Enterprise

The MAGNET Enterprise

Connect Your Field and Office Teams on the Cloud 

Improve Collaboration Across the Office and Field With MAGNET Enterprise

Digital connectivity has become the norm across many industries, including surveying and construction, and MAGNET Enterprise ensures your team is ready for the shift. Communicating and sharing data can be challenging when your management or office team is remote, but this cloud-based software closes the distance and allows real-time collaboration for an undisrupted workflow. 

MAGNET Enterprise software on a computer

Keep Your Team on the Same Page 

Your office and management teams need access to field data to make essential decisions and create reports, surveys, and other files. And your work crew or field surveyors need to know when plans are updated. MAGNET Enterprise ensures your entire team is up to speed and in constant communication. 

Access 24/7 Professional Remote Support 

Through the MAGNET Enterprise portal, GPS Alaska will always be only a click away. Whether you’re in Barrow or Juneau, we provide quick and expert remote support at any time of the day, helping drastically decrease downtime caused by a technical issue with your equipment. We equip all our machine control and field equipment with cellular connectivity and can support you through MAGNET Enterprise, allowing you to quickly resolve the issue and run at full speed. 

Construction crew in the field stays in communication with the office using MAGNET Enterprise

Key Features of MAGNET Enterprise 

  • Connect and view Topcon devices 
  • Integrate with other Topcon office products
  • Combine with MAGNET Field software
  • See geo-referenced datasets 
  • Access a visual project map 
  • Share and view real-time data 
  • Convert data into different file types 
  • Annotate and share redlines models 
  • Export data to Topcon Sitelink3D and more 
Road worker checks in with office on phone using MAGNET Enterprise

Streamline Field-to-Office Communication With GPS Alaska

Miscommunication, incorrectly entered data, file sharing, and field visualization are all common issues for surveyors and construction crews that can eat away at your profitability and cause frustration for all parties. MAGNET Enterprise keeps everyone connected and working toward the same goal. Partner with GPS Alaska to find solutions that will boost productivity on the work site or field and in the office.