Man uses Sitelink3D v2 web-based platform on desktop computer

Sitelink3D v2

Monitor and Communicate With On-Site Crews From Remote Locations 

Manage and Support Remote Worksites With a Web-Based Site Communication System

Gauge productivity, monitor equipment performance, and support your on-site crew remotely with Sitelink3D v2. With this powerful web-based communication system, you can keep track of your 3D machine control systems and perform remote file management between the office and grade checker. You’ll be able to see where your equipment is on the work site, access valuable data, grab productivity reports, and communicate with your crew from any location. 

Sitelink3D v2 software loaded on laptop and field computer

Plan, Monitor, & Assess Every Project 

Sitelink3D v2 gives you access to valuable data at every project phase. Before a project begins, the integrated planning tool allows managers to assign and schedule machines, production goals, and other features for each task area. You can continue to monitor progress and communicate adjustments with your crew. Finally, you can run reports to evaluate performance. 

Never Miss a Beat With Remote Support 

With Sitelink3D, not only can you stay connected to your office and field teams, but you can easily access remote support from GPS Alaska any time you need it – so your operators will never be shut down again for lack of support. All machine control and field equipment from GPS Alaska is equipped with cellular connectivity, so you can access support 24/7 and in any part of Alaska through Sitelink3D. 

Dump truck being loaded with the help of the Sitelink3D v2 communication system

Key Features of Sitelink3D v2 

  • Pay-by-the-day for connected machines
  • Operator access to Site Support 
  • Remote 3D job site monitoring 
  • Project planning and task assignment 
  • Detailed report generation 
  • Multiple job site monitoring 
  • Real-time equipment monitoring 
  • Access to time and productivity metric 
  • Tools for budget validation and billing 
Excavator at work with the help of the Sitelink3D v2 communication system

Streamline Worksite Management With GPS Alaska 

Boosting profitability for construction projects isn’t just about enabling your crews to work faster — your management team needs to be more efficient and effective too. Sitelink3D v2 is the remote site management tool you’ve been looking for, and it easily integrates with the 3D machine control products you use most. Start taking advantage of this productivity booster and reach out to GPS Alaska today.