SRL-35 UHF Radio Modem with construction site in the background

SRL-35 UHF Radio Modem

Get Full Site Coverage With a UHF Radio Built to Withstand the Alaskan Outdoors 

Cover Large Worksites for Your GNSS RTK Machine Control Network

 With the ability to push out 35 watts, the SRL-35 UHF radio modem enables GNSS RTK capabilities for large worksites.  Need to cover an even larger area? No problem. Your signal can be lengthened using a repeater combined with multiple radios and broadcast mobile setups. The SRL-35 offers channel spacing with bandwidth options of 12.5, 20, or 25 kHz, and it operates within a wide frequency range of 403 to 73 MHz.

SRL-35 UHF Radio Modem

Finally a Durable UHF Radio You Can Depend On 

Alaska’s rugged environment can be tough on UHF radios, but the SRL-35 is up to the job. This IP67-classified radio is designed to be transportable, waterproof, heat resistant, and dustproof – making it ideal for outdoor use. The SRL-35 provides a strong, reliable signal in demanding conditions and provides real-time data communication for up to 50 miles. 

Excavators at work with help from the SRL-35 UHF Radio Modem

Key Features of the SRL-35 

  • Meets IP67 industry standards
  • Customizable power output up to 35 watts
  • User-selectable channel space of 12.5, 20, or 25 kHz
  • Operating range of 403 MHz to 473 MHz
  • Weather-protected LCD display 
  • Integrated operator keyboard
  • Reinforced connectors
  • Compatible with 3rd party radio broadcast
  • Overheating prevention 
Bulldozer at work with help from the SRL-35 UHF Radio Modem

Invest in a Reliable Project Site Radio With GPS Alaska 

Get the most from your investment with the SRL-35. You need a highly capable and sturdy UHF radio that won’t fail you when you need it the most. Get everything you need to accommodate your worksite and support machine control systems at GPS Alaska.