Using Alaska Topcon Dealer equipment

Working With an Alaska Topcon Dealer: What Sets GPS Alaska Apart 

GPS Alaska is the premier authorized Topcon Dealer in the state of Alaska. If you’re seeking technology to improve your workflow and maximize profits for your construction, surveying, or engineering business, we carry the most reliable industry-leading positioning products on the market. 

Not only do we sell high-quality products that will improve the safety of your crew and boost your efficiency and accuracy, but we also provide unparalleled service to our Alaskan customers. From offering 24/7 support, to providing onsite training and installation, GPS Alaska goes the extra to mile to make sure you are well-educated on your buying decisions and ready to get the most out of the systems you purchase. 

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Grow Your Business with the Most Innovative Technological Solutions 

The core of what we do at GPS Alaska is help businesses discover tools that can revolutionize the way they do work. With the best machine control systems, GNSS and optical positioning systems, weigh in motion systems, and aircraft hangar GNSS radiators, you can automate parts of your workflow, unlocking the potential of your crew and increasing profitability. 

Our expertise comes in helping you choose the solutions that allow you to do the best quality work possible while getting the best ROI.  Every member of our team is highly trained and knowledgeable on the construction and survey product lines offered by Topcon Positioning Systems. We also offer a variety of products and solutions from other vendors, including Sokkia, Carlson Software, Pfreundt Scales, RDS Technology, Aeropoints, DJI, Seco, Juniper Systems, Sokkia, Pacific Crest, Satel, GPS Source, and more.

If you’re not sure where to start, that’s okay. We’re here to walk you thorough the options. Here’s an overview of the types of products we offer: 

  • Earthmoving: We provide the best machine control systems by Topcon on the market, including 2D and 3D systems for dozers, excavators, graders, compact machines, haul trucks, and drill rigs. 
  • Paving: Shop the best machine control systems and software for paver and milling machines, curb and gutter projects, road resurfacing, and asphalt compacting. 
  • Weighing and Monitoring: Use the most advanced systems to get more efficient and accurate measurements with volumetric scanner, weigh-in motion scales, and belt scales. 
  • Surveying: Gather the most reliable data with the best positioning and surveying tools. Our collection includes GNSS receivers, total stations, field controllers, data collection software, lasers, levels, and theodolites.
  • Building Construction: We provide a wide array of tools for creating precise construction layout for your next building project. 
  • Drone/UAVs: Gather valuable data from the sky that can be used to create maps and models for your 3D machine control systems and a wide range of other applications. 
  • GNSS Repeater Kits: Find GNSS solutions for aviation with receivers that are fit for both commercial and military use. 
  • Topnet Live AK: We’ve partnered with Topcon to provide a Topnet Live network to our Alaska customers. With this service, we offer RTK GNSS corrections via cellular connectivity. 

Getting Started with GPS Alaska 

Our process is simple. We promise we’ll be transparent with you every step of the way and won’t surprise you with any unforeseen costs or stipulations. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Speak With a Real Person: The first step is to contact us. Whether you give us a call or fill out our contact form, you’ll get the chance to talk with our team and explain what you’re looking for.  We’re quick to respond and will often get back to you the same day. 
  • Get a Free Quote: Our solutions are customized to your business needs and the type of equipment you use. To get a more accurate idea of how much it will cost to purchase and integrate our products, we’ll provide you with a free quote. We’ll look up your equipment by serial number and will do an in-person inspection if needed to come up with a price range. 
  • Calculate Your ROI: If want to make sure upgrading your processes is the best choice for your budget, we offer ROI calculators to help you estimate how much you’ll get for your investment. Our customers often report a great ROI from their purchase, with their material placement speed and quality increasing by 50% of better. 
  • Explore Rentals and Financing Options: We offer financing if you can’t fund your investment outright. We have multiple financial options, so you can decide which plan best fits your budget. We also rent out equipment, which might be the best solution if you’re not ready to purchase one of our products or only need it for a specific season or project. We also offer rent-to-own options. 

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Get Expert Installation and Training for Your New Products 

The products we sell require technical knowledge to install and calibrate, which is why our trained personnel at GPS Alaska will take care of installing and integrating our new systems or software for you. For most standard equipment, such a graders, dozers, or excavators, installing a machine control system takes about two days. 

We are also happy to help you learn more about your new products and often provide basic training on how to use them. We highly suggest that you initiate employee training to ensure your crew is familiar with the system and comfortable during the transition. The goal is to give your operators the tools they need to be more efficient and accurate, so it’s important they receive training on how to best utilize this new technology. 

Depend on Us for Technical Support and Repairs 

When you purchase infrastructure technology from GPS Alaska, you aren’t just getting a product. You’re also get our continued support and maintenance. If you have WIFI or cellular connection, you can access 24/7 remote support from your location. With this solution, one of our technicians can log in and access your equipment remotely and get you help almost immediately. We can help troubleshoot and diagnose the issues, and then we can give you training and support to best resolve it. 

While we can often help solve issues remotely or over the phone, we’re also available for onsite support. If we don’t come to a solution during our initial conversation, we’ll dispatch a technician right away. 

If you have a product that needs to be repaired, we can take care of that in house. Rather than ship your products to an out of state location to have them serviced and fixed, we can often fix your equipment the same day you call us. We have multiple Topcon certified technicians on staff that can handle any issues you might have. 

Fortunately, with proper maintenance and care, your equipment will last many years. We have equipment in the field that is over ten years old.  However, updating your technology periodically ensures your crew is set up with the most advanced technology available.  This ensures you avoid costly downtime or repairs. If you’re ready to upgrade your system, we’re here to help make the transition as seamless and cost effective as possible.

GPS Alaska is proud to be Alaska’s only authorized Topcon dealer. Contact us to learn more.