Bulldozer on job site using the MC-Max Dozer

The MC-Max Dozer

Upgrade How You Grade With the Highest Productivity Dozer Solution 

Strengthen the Capability of Your Crew With the Top Bulldozer Machine Control System 

The MC-Max Dozer solution is the ultimate tool for any rough or fine grading application. This bulldozer machine control system is run off Topcon’s MC-X Platform and will enhance the skill of anyone on your Alaskan earthmoving crew. With the flexibility of 2D and 3D capabilities, your operators can work accurately and efficiently no matter the location or job.  

MC-Max Dozer in bulldozer cabin

Adapt to Any Worksite With 2D and 3D Capabilities 

With complex landscapes and unpredictable Alaskan weather, your crew needs to be able to quickly adjust their bulldozing system to meet the project at hand. Blue skies and an unobstructed terrain? Automatic 3D mode is ideal for projects where you have GNSS access and a grade design. However, if you’re working under a tree canopy, inside a parking garage, or in other obstructed space, you can quickly switch to 2D guidance mode and work with a laser or total station. 

Bulldozer pushing gravel assisted by the MC-Max Dozer

Key Features of MC-Max Dozer

  • Powered by the MC-X platform 
  • Six-way blade control
  • Flexible mounting system 
  • Inside cab control 
  • Enhanced blade response 
  • Guidance and automatic configurations
  • Highly accurate dual MC2+ IMU sensors
  • Mastless blade dozer
  • Used for fine and rough grading solutions
Operator in bulldozer cabin using the MC-Max Dozer

Reap the Benefits of a Bulldozing Machine Control With GPS Alaska 

What if you could depend on one system to meet all your bulldozing machine control needs? With the MC-Max Dozer, you can do just that. With this versatile machine control system, you can significantly boost productivity and scale your earthmoving operation. Tailor your bulldozer control system to the skill of the crew and the demands of the worksite. Contact the machine control experts at GPS Alaska to learn more.