Excavator using the MC-X Platform Machine Control System

The MC-X Platform

Invest in a Machine Control System That Gives the Highest ROI 

Discover the Best Machine Control Platform for Every Excavating or Dozing Job  

The MC-X is a flexible machine control platform that provides the most versatile solution for your excavator and dozer operations. This system is tailored to your business and each project, allowing you to avoid buying multiple products and get the best bang for your buck. Large or small worksite, seasoned or fresh operator, GNSS or total station — the MC-X platform is easily adjustable for any situation with multiple bucket configurations, 2D and 3D guidance modes, and more. 

Construction digger at work with help from the MC-X Platform Machine Control System

Scale and Grow Your Alaskan Earthmoving Operation 

Modular and scalable, the MC-X platform is designed with growth in mind. This machine control platform will evolve your business and enhance communication, allowing your crew to work better, faster, and more accurately. As your fleet gets larger or you take on more complex projects, you can augment your tech to continue pushing your business into steady growth. 

The MC-X Platform Machine Control System guides an excavator on a job site

Key Features of the MC-X Platform 

  • Platform designed for dozer and excavator systems 
  • Supports multiple elevation sensors, IMUs, and GNSS receivers 
  • Interacts with multiple versions of 3D-MC
  • Cloud connection through Sitelink3D 
  • Modular and scalable components 
  • Accommodates GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou 
  • Integrated solution for tracking and sharing data 
Construction worker supervises an excavator using the MC-X Platform Machine Control System

Unlock the Capabilities of MC-X With GPS Alaska 

GPS Alaska has helped many Alaskan businesses in earthmoving, surveying, and engineering meet the growing demand for their services. If you are a contractor looking for a machine control platform that’s guaranteed to have a high ROI, the MC-X is the best excavating and bulldozing option available. Contact our team today to learn how to harness the power of the MC-X. 

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