Excavator on job site assisted by the MC-Max Excavator

The MC-Max Excavator

Dig on Your Terms With the Most Versatile Excavating System Available 

Meet the Demands of Each Job With a Configurable Excavator Machine Control System

Exceed expectations for every and any excavating job with MC-Max Excavator. Powered by the MC-X platform, this excavator can be configured to meet the unique requirements of each project. With your chosen level of guidance, you can pick up the pace and complete every excavating job without ever leaving the cab. 

Closeup of MC Max Excavator System in excavator cabin

Easily Switch Between 2D and 3D 

Need more freedom in how you dig? Try 2D guidance mode. You can check the bucket-depth in relation to grade without needing to manually check grade or waiting on another crew member to check for you. Need the most precise grade? Switch to 3D automatic mode and take advantage of GNSS guidance.  

A excavator digging and using MC Max Excavator System

Key Features of MC-Max Excavator 

  • Based on the MC-X platform 
  • Inside cab control 
  • Automatic blade and bucket control 
  • Guidance and automatic configurations
  • X-53 excavator system for position and grade guidance
  • 3D-MC software 
MC Max Excavator System in excavator cab

Revolutionize How You Excavate With GPS Alaska 

Looking for solutions to increase your profits and scale your earthmoving operation? MC-Max Excavator system is a versatile, scalable solution that lets you accomplish any excavating job with a single system – rather than having to invest in multiple products as your needs change. Partner with GPS Alaska to discover the best earthmoving tech for your needs.