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5 Benefits of Choosing GPS Alaska as Your Construction and Surveying Technology Provider 

The construction and surveying industries are booming in Alaska. From projects in difficult, remote terrain to operating in extreme weather conditions, Alaskan contractors are under incredible pressure to get jobs done efficiently and accurately as possible. When you’re trying to beat the inevitable onset of winter, there’s no time to spare for errors, low productivity, or equipment failure. 

GPS Alaska stands ready to meet the needs of Alaska’s growing construction needs by providing technology that help you meet the demand. 

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From machine control systems to robotic total station and GNSS instruments, we provide solutions that can double productivity and help you establish a reputation for performing more efficiently and accurately than your competitors. 

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best service possible. We understand that the technology we sell depends on proper installation, training, integration, and maintenance to use. When choosing an Alaska construction and surveying technology provider, here are five benefits of partnering with GPS Alaska. 

Partner with GPS Alaska for your construction and surveying technology needs. Contact us to find the best solutions for your business today. 

1. Access to Topcon’s World-Class Product Line

GPS Alaska is the only Topcon dealer in Alaska. This means if you’re looking for products from Topcon Positioning Systems, one of the top providers of construction, surveying, and engineering software and hardware in the world, GPS Alaska is where you need to go. 

Topcon’s dedication to innovation, profitability, and top-tier support are just a few of the reasons we recommend and sell Topcon products. Whether you’re looking for the best solutions for earthmoving, road paving, building construction, field surveying, or construction surveying, Topcon sells rugged, high-performance products that are easy to use and integrate with your equipment. 

In addition to Topcon, we also sell products from other top brands in the industry. Other vendors we carry products from include:

  • GPS Source
  • RDS Technology 
  • Satel
  • Pacific Crest
  • Sokkia
  • Carlson Software
  • Pfreundt Scales
  • DJI
  • Seco
  • Juniper Systems 
  • Aeropoints
  • iDig

2. Local Office and Maintenance Staff 

GPS Alaska operates out of our office in Anchorage, Alaska. When you partner with us as your Alaskan infrastructure provider and Topcon dealer, you won’t need to worry about dealing with a company or staff in the lower 48 or another country. Every member of our team, from our office staff to our technicians, is local and available to answer your questions. We even provide scheduled trainings so you can learn more about the products you’ve purchased and how to best utilize them. 

This means that we’re available and ready to help if you ever need support or have equipment that needs to be repaired. If one of your products needs maintenance, you won’t need to wait for it to be shipped out and repaired at another facility. Our Topcon certified technicians can repair your products in-house or at your site, typically on the same day you call us. With speedy service, you can reduce downtime and ensure a high ROI on the products you purchase from us.  

3. Expert Installation and 24/7 Support

The construction and surveying equipment we sell requires expertise to install. We always recommend that our customers do not attempt to install their equipment themselves. When you partner with GPS Alaska, you’ll never need to worry about installing your products yourselves or hiring someone else to do it for you. We’ll take care of the installation and integration for you and will ensure you feel confident and ready to go. This process typically takes only two days, so you can make the most of your investment right away. 

If you have issues with services or other technical issues with the hardware or software you buy, we’ve got your back 24 hours a day every day of the week. Call us the moment you have an issue. We offer remote support, which allows us to log in and troubleshoot any issues the moment you contact us. However, if we can’t handle the issue remotely, there’s no need to worry. We’ll dispatch a technician to your location and get the issue resolved right away. 

4. Modeling and Take-Off Services 

For companies that are new to 3D machine control systems, one of the biggest challenges is deciding whether to create models in-house or to outsource these services. GPS Alaska can handle all your modeling and take-off services, so you won’t need to worry about outsourcing to a provider you don’t know or trust. 

Outsourcing construction and take-off modeling services allow you to focus on operations and management – taking the strain off your internal team to hire, train, and oversee specialists in creating 3D models for construction projects or calculating construction takeoff. By trusting our expert team to create highly accurate models, you can limit costly mistakes and more easily scale your business. 

5. TopNET Live Alaska Access 

GPS Alaska customers have access to TopNET Live Alaska, which is a subscription-based, Real-Time GNSS Reference Network. Through a cellular data connection, this service provides high-accuracy Network RTK correction data to anyone working inside the network boundary. This network can be used for a wide variety of industries, including surveying, construction, GIS mapping, and agriculture. 

TopNET Live eliminates the need for individual base stations and relies on real-time data, which is incredibly useful for large-scale construction projects. GNSS Rovers can be accessed using the NTRIP protocol embedded in their software, which can be connected to via a mobile internet connection via an internal cellular modem or through a cellphone hot spot. TopNET Live can be purchased on a quarterly or annual basis.  

Want to try out TopNET Live Alaska for your surveying, construction, or GIS mapping needs? Sign up today to get your free 30-day trial. 

Start Hitting Your Productivity Goals With GPS Alaska 

If you’re looking for the key to unlocking productivity on your worksite, GPS Alaska has the solutions you’re looking for. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about our product line or service, and we’ll provide you with a free quote based on the equipment you have and your goals. 

We also understand that purchasing machine control systems or surveying technology can be a heavy initial investment. We’re happy to work with you and explore options for financing your purchase. This includes multiple payment plan options and Rent-To-Own (RTO) plans. If you’d rather rent the products you need, we rent out many of the products in our catalog as well. 

The demand is ever-increasing on the construction and surveying fields. The tech we sell enables your crew to work faster and more precisely while enhancing safety and comfort. And we’ll ensure the products you help you meet your productivity goals and keep working hard for you as you scale, grow, and expand your business. 

We’ve got you covered at GPS Alaska. Call us today for your free quote and discover the best products to streamline your construction or surveying business.