Construction worker using remote construction site management tools

How to Increase Productivity With Remote Construction Site Management Tools

Remote technology is nothing new. But within the past few years, the use of remote tech has become more of a necessity than a “newfangled” novelty.

The recent pandemic taught the world that the ability to improvise and adapt is imperative in order to continue business operations and maintain profit. While many businesses relied on remote options such as Zoom meetings, or hybrid models of remote and in-office work, those in the construction industry who must work out in the elements were also faced with challenges such as labor shortages – and the need to overcome these challenges by using remote site management tools.

As the rest of the world has embraced remote options and their benefits, the construction industry now understands the necessity of using remote site management tools. And if you want your crew to operate with more efficiency and productivity, using the right remote construction site management tools is going to help you meet this goal – and give you an edge over the competition.

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Benefits of Remote Construction Site Management Tools

5 Key Benefits of Using Remote Construction Site Management Tools Infographic

In Alaska, most construction sites are truly “remote” in every sense of the word. While many sites may be able to be reached by off-road capable vehicles, some are simply unreachable by roads and require aerial support. When this is the case, traveling back and forth between the field and the office can not only be time-consuming, it can be extremely costly.

Remote construction site management tools offer those who must operate in both the field and the office the convenience of relaying data seamlessly when needed. And additional benefits include:

  • Improved Productivity – Get more work done daily by accessing data from anywhere without having to travel to the job site
  • Improved Safety – Eliminate the need for you or your crew members to be on-site in dangerous conditions
  • Increased Flexibility – Collect data, monitor production, and collaborate with your crew in remote areas
  • Reduced Cost – reduce the need for hiring additional crew members and site managers, or outsourcing costly equipment
  • Versatility – Remote equipment operation allows you to attend to other tasks when near or in-office such as customer service, bidding on new projects, or analyzing data

All in all, when you’re working on a construction job in Alaska, productivity and efficiency are key to ensuring you meet the demands of your contract. And with remote construction site management tools, you’ll be setting yourself and your company up for success by reducing costs, improving safety, and saving precious time.

Types of Remote Construction Site Management Tools

Here in Alaska, the right tools can make all the difference between getting the job done or completely blowing your entire contract. But when it comes to staying ahead of your competition, faster and more efficient production means you’ll have more time to concentrate on other tasks – and on other jobs.

So, what are some of the best remote construction site management tools? At GPS Alaska, we offer top-of-the-line products that get you the results you’re looking for. And the following are a few of the best remote construction site management tools you can rely on for improved productivity.

Surveying Tools

Whether collecting data for a large-scale building project or for creating a hydrographic survey, having the right surveying equipment that can relay information back to the office is essential for time management and productivity.

  • MAGNET Tools – A data processing software that simplifies data collection and gives you the ability to visualize field work by utilizing several tools including GoogleEarth and CAD View.
  • MAGNET Enterprise – This is the secure cloud environment that you need for collaboration between your office and field teams including redline modeling, measurements, and data maps.
  • MAGNET Field – This field-to-office platform offers solutions for a variety of both construction and surveying tasks – complete with an intuitive user interface and field-office connectivity.

No matter if you’re a construction or field surveyor in Alaska, relaying information from the field to the office is essential. But being able to access this information and manage your project in real-time from the office is equally important for productivity and proper time management.

Construction Site Management Tools

As mentioned, the ability to be in several places at once isn’t exactly common in the construction industry. But through the use of remote construction site management tools, you’ll be able to monitor productivity, manage operations, and link to your crew in real-time. And these are assets that will help you not only improve productivity but to keep your edge over your competitors as well.

  • MAGNET Construction – This modeling software offers takeoff functions to calculate the volume for cost estimates which will enable you to improve productivity and ensure your projects are successful
  • Sitelink3D v2 – This web-based platform allows project managers and field supervisors with a variety of tools to help track, monitor, and manage remote operations
  • Pocket 3D – For use on-site, this GNSS-based site management field software is designed to collect vital data and relay information back to the office by connecting to Sitelink 3D, and other applications

When you’re running multiple jobs out in the arctic, taking time to physically check on all of your projects can be time-consuming – if not a nearly impossible task. But when you utilize remote site management tools, you can concentrate on handling business from the office without ever having to step back into the field.

Improve Productivity With Remote Construction Site Management Tools

It should go without mentioning that Alaska is a land of extremes. But when you have to work in extreme conditions in the arctic, you don’t have much room for error and time is extremely precious. As such, aside from safety issues and transportation costs, you’re also sacrificing time – and this is something you cannot afford to waste.

With the time it takes you to travel out to a remote site and back to the office, you’ll likely be losing hours that could be spent taking care of other important tasks. And when you lose time in the construction business, this is synonymous with losing money. This is why utilizing remote construction site management tools can be a total game changer – especially if you’re operating and managing multiple remote projects.

Remote site management tools offer you the versatility of being in two places (or three) all at the same time. And when duty calls at the office, when you need to bid on a big contract, or when you need to attend to customer needs, you’ll be able to rest easy when you can sit at your desk and access vital data when you need to – without having to travel miles away to a remote project site and sacrifice time that could be spent taking care of other priorities.

Staying ahead of the competition and improving productivity is as simple as using the right tools. And here in the arctic, you can count on GPS Alaska to provide you with all of the best tools to improve your production and keep you running even in the most extreme conditions.

Are you ready to see how remote construction site management tools can streamline your productivity? Reach out to GPS Alaska today to learn how we can help.