Machine Control Rentals in Alaska

Machine Control Rentals in Alaska: How to Afford Construction and Surveying Technology 

Machine control systems are the key to unlocking your construction or surveying business’s profitability, but how can you successfully scale your business if you don’t have the funds readily available to upgrade your fleet or purchase the hardware and software you need? Renting machine control equipment in Alaska is a great way to grow at a pace your business can handle. 

GPS Alaska rents out a wide range of products from Topcon and other industry-leading manufacturer that are guaranteed to improve your efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. Today, we’ll walk you through your options for getting a machine control system and how to decide if renting machine control equipment is the best choice for your business. 

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How Much Do Machine Control Systems Cost? 

The cost of automating your fleet can vary depending on the kind of system you choose, the type of equipment you have, and the number of machines you want to upgrade. To get the most accurate answer to this question, you’ll want to get a quote from a provider, like GPS Alaska. 

For one, if your equipment doesn’t come pre-equipped with a hydraulic package, it will cost to have it modified to integrate a 3D machine control system. However, machines that are Grade Control Ready will cost less money to setup. 

 A 2D machine control system is much cheaper than a 3D machine control system. If you have a small fleet with very basic needs, a 2D machine control system is an affordable entry point. However, advanced 3D systems utilize location technology that provide much more in-depth information – giving you the best performance and ROI in the long-run.3D machine control systems come with a high price tag – it can cost upwards of $80,000 to equip a machine and purchase a rover or base station. 

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What’s the ROI on Machine Control Systems?

Do machine control systems actually pay off in the long run? With an investment in machine control, you might wonder how long it would take to recoup the costs and see a return. What the industry has consistently showed us is that companies who invest in GNSS survey equipment and machine control see a significant return on their purchase and gain a significant advantage. GPS Alaska had had customers who have reported improved material placement speed and quality by 50% or better.

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When To Consider Renting Machine Control Equipment in Alaska

Affordable Options for Getting a Machine Control System infographic

If you have a budget constraint for upgrading your tech, there are several options to consider. Rentals, rent-to-own, and payment financing are all ways you can lower your initial cost and stay within budget. 

Machine Control Rentals 

Renting machine control systems, construction tech, and surveying GNSS equipment allow you to use the technology you need for a project without paying the hefty fee of purchasing them outright. GPS Alaska offers a large catalog of products for rent, so you can increase your speed, accuracy, and performance for your next project. You’ll gain ROI, be able to take on a new project more quickly, can return the technology you rent once the busy Alaskan summer season ends. 


The main disadvantage to renting equipment versus purchasing it is that you are spending a monthly fee without investing in equipment and tech you get to keep. Rent-to-own (RTO) options allow you to dedicate a portion of your rental fee toward the purchase of the machine. With this payment option, you can test out a machine control system and choose to either return the rental after the project is over or use the RTO money toward purchasing it. 

Payment Financing 

Before assuming you can’t afford to purchase a machine control system, you should look into what financing options are available to you. It’s possible you can find a payment plan that fits your unique budget, allowing you to pay for your technology at a pace that is sustainable for your situation and needs. If you know that you want to invest in machine control for your fleet but aren’t ready to pay full price up front, a financing plan is more cost effective in the long run than renting. 

What About Machine Control Models? 

If you are just renting your 3D machine control equipment, it’s likely you don’t have a person on your staff who can design a digital model of your worksite – which you’ll need for most machine control projects. Fortunately, you can outsource modeling services to a third part company who specializes in this service. 

At GPS Alaska, we can you rent you the equipment you need and take care of all your model building and take-off needs. Our process for delivering a model is simple and affordable, and as experts in machine control systems, we know exactly what a machine control model should like. 

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Will I Need to Install My Rented Machine Control System on My Own? 

Installing a machine control system requires expertise. Contractors should avoid attempting to integrate this technology on their own. Rather, you should rely on your dealer to install your equipment and provide training on how to use it. While machine control systems are often easier to learn and use compared to grading by hand, they do require some training to get started. 

When you rent or buy from GPS Alaska, we’ll come out to your site and install your system for you. The process typically only takes a couple of days. We’ll support you in training your staff and provide long-term support if you run into any issues with your technology. We also offer 24/7 remote support, so you can get expert help troubleshooting any problems any day or time. 

Rent Machine Control Equipment at GPS Alaska 

Machine control rentals are a great solution for getting state-of-the-art construction technology at a cost that fits in your budget. You also have the ability to rent just what you need when you need – allowing you to invest in technology for a one-off project or try it out before purchasing. 

GPS Alaska is the only certified Topcon dealer in Alaska, and we are here to work with you to find equipment that will increase your profits and allow you to steadily scale your operation. We’re to guide you every step of the way. You can count on us to: 

  • Help you choose the right technology
  • Work with you to price your purchase or rental
  • Integrate any systems you buy
  • Provide training on how to use your new tech 
  • Perform maintenance and repairs
  • Offer support the moment you need it
  • Take care of your modeling and take off needs 

Not sure if renting is the best choice for you? Our team is happy to help discuss the options with you and help you decide which purchase option is right for your needs and budget. We’ll have a few questions about your equipment so we can get an idea of what kind of technology would work and if any modifications are necessary. From here, we can get you a quote on how much your rental or purchase would cost. 

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