Construction crew undergoing machine control systems training on site

Machine Control Systems Training in Alaska: 5 Tips for Familiarizing Your Crew

Machine control systems have the potential to enable contractors to exponentially increase their productivity; however, it can be challenging to train your crew on how to use this technology. The good new is that one you fully integrate it into your workflow and have operators who are well-trained on how to use machine control systems, they can more easily train future operators. Additionally, machine control systems can help close skill gaps, enabling less skilled operators to become more accurate and efficient.

5 Tips for Training Your Crew on Using New Machine Control Systems Infographic

Machine control training is an important consideration as you determine the cost of investment for upgrading your construction fleet. While the ROI from machine control is significant, it takes time and effort to build a team that can use these systems well. You might also find that some of your team, especially your most seasoned operators, might be hesitant to adapt to this new technology. As you make the plunge into machine control systems, here are five tips on how to make the training process as smooth as possible.

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1. Partner With Machine Control Experts

If you’re new to machine control systems, how are you supposed to take on the task of training your team? The reality is that while there are resources available online that you can tap into to attempt to educate yourself and your team, the best path forward is partnering with someone who has the expertise to teach you the ins and outs of machine control tech.

Your dealer is the first place you should look for training your crew. As you start to search for a provider that sells machine control systems, you’ll find that one of the most important factors to consider is the dealer you purchase or rent your equipment from. You need to find a construction and surveying provider that not only will sell high-quality positioning and machine control products but that also offer a high level of support.

If you partner with the right provider, they’ll guide in the purchasing process, install your new technology, and assist in training your team on the systems you purchase.

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2. Consider How You’ll Create 3D Models

One of the biggest hurdles construction companies face when purchasing 3D machine control systems is building 3D models of the worksite. Many contractors don’t have someone on their team who has the model building experience to take on this need. This means that you’ll be faced with three choices: you can train someone on your team to take on your modeling needs, you can hire someone that already has this expertise, or you can outsource to a company that offers this service.

The growing trend in the industry is that many contractors are choosing to outsource this service to a company with 3D modeling expertise. If go this route, you won’t need to worry about this step in training. However, if you want to have an in-house expert build 3D machine control models, you’ll need to consider the initial and ongoing investment of training or hiring someone to take on this role, purchasing the necessary modeling software or hardware, and continuing payroll costs and benefits.

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3. Educate Your Team on the Benefits

Is your team reluctant to adopt machine control systems? It’s inevitable that some members of your crew will be resistant to learn this technology to start off and that executive members (including yourself) might be hesitant to believe that investing in this expensive technology will really increase profits. However, many contractors find that it only takes a matter of time before the technology speaks for itself.

Taking time to explain the benefits of machine control systems to your team can go a long way in easing operators through the transition. It helps to explain that this technology isn’t designed to replace human skills – rather it augments it. Even the most skilled operator on your team will be able to perform more accurately and efficiently. Show your team the numbers on how this technology will affect the company’s bottom line, and present demonstrations on how it works.

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4. Expect a Learning Curve

Becoming adept with machine control systems takes time. It’s important that you and your crew understand there will be a learning curve that you’ll have to overcome to reap the full benefits of this technology. You’re going to have challenges in the beginning, but machine control technology is only becoming more intuitive with time, and many developers, such as Topcon, sell products that seamlessly integrate your entire fleet with easy-to-use office and field software. By using one system that works off a single platform, your team doesn’t have to overcome this learning curve again as you continue to upgrade your machinery.

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5. Have a Plan for Tech Support

If you run into issues with your machine control systems, having support can be a game-changer as you become familiar with how this technology works. If you don’t have someone on your team who is an

expert on this hardware and software, you’ll be in a sticky situation if there’s a problem with a sensor or something isn’t working as it should. The last thing you want is to have to halt production or spend time and money trying to fix an issue that could be easily resolved.

Ideally, you should have an outside source to turn to for support, maintenance, and repairs. You might find your team becomes more adept and diagnosing and resolving issues as they become more familiar with this tech. However, if you do run into an issue you can’t fix on your own, outside support can quickly get your machine operating more quickly – reducing costly downtime.

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