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Takeoff and Model Building Services: How GPS Alaska Can Help 

The construction industry is booming, and keeping up with the growing demand has been a significant challenge for business – especially considering the shortage in skilled labor. To meet this demand and grow their profits, many contractors are seeking innovative ways to cut down waste in their processes and utilize advanced technology to increase efficiency. 

Business owners are beginning to outsource processes that would typically bog down production and slow down growth, such as construction takeoff service and model building for machine control. Outsourcing these duties mean contractors can quicken their workflow and take on more bids while saving money by not having to hire, train, and pay an employee dedicated to these tasks. 

If you’re a contractor in Alaska looking to significantly grow and scale your construction business, GPS Alaska is here to help. As a certified Topcon dealer, we can help you buy or rent machine control systems, surveying equipment and software, and other technology that make your team as efficient and productive as possible. We also provide takeoff and model building services, so you can free your team from duties that only slow them down. 

Ready to take on more bids, grow your operation, and boost profit? Call GPS Alaska to learn about our takeoff and model building services. 

Should You Use a Construction Takeoff Service?  

Benefits of Relying on a Construction Takeoff Service infographic

If time is the main roadblock in your way to submitting and taking on more bids, then outsourcing takeoffs can be a major benefit. May construction business owners have come to the realization that in-house takeoffs are a huge time and money suck, and that outsourcing is a more efficient and cost-effective route. 

Here are just a few of the ways your construction business could benefit from using takeoff services: 

  • Free up time and labor to focus on others areas of the business: Material takeoffs can be time consuming. Especially if your experience is limited, they can sometimes take days to complete. In construction, your time is everything. Every minute you spend on estimates is a minute not spent taking care of other essential parts of your business. You may frequently run into the issue of struggling to split your time between completing current projects and placing more bids. With construction takeoff services, you can do both. You can trust our expertise to get you an accurate estimate while you continue overseeing current projects and managing other parts of your business.  
  • Complete estimates more quickly and place more bids: Imagine how many bids you could place if your team didn’t have to struggle through material takeoffs. By outsourcing this need, you can bid on as many projects as possible, only being limited by your budget takeoff services. In a competitive industry like construction, you need to have the ability to bid on many projects quickly to scale your business. This will increase your chance of winning more bids, increasing your revenue, and opening the way for significant growth. 
  • Create more accurate material takeoffs: Inaccurate bids can hurt your chance of winning bids and can hurt your profits in the long run. If you provide an estimate that’s too low and run into project overruns, it can hurt your reputation and may require you to negotiate the additional costs. Construction cost overruns are very common – estimates often miss the cost of certain materials or poorly estimate how much they might cost. Hiring construction takeoff experts can improve accuracy and give you and your customers a clear idea of how much you can expect to pay for materials. 
  • Save costs associated with hiring an in-house estimating team: Taking care of material takeoff in-house can be costly. Hiring and training take time and money to do, and if your employee or employees who handle estimating leave the company, you’ll lose out on that investment and need to start over again. Additionally, hiring someone to do material takeoff means adding someone new to your payroll. Not only will you need to write a regular paycheck, but you also need to consider the added costs of vacations, retirement plans, health insurance, and other employee benefits. While you might lose some of the control that comes with doing everything in-house, you’ll often pay significantly less to outsource material takeoff. 

The Benefits of Machine Control Model Building Services

Investing in machine control systems for your heavy equipment is the most effective way to grow your construction business and make it more profitable. However, if you recently purchased new 3D machine control technology or are planning to upgrade your fleet in the near future, you need to have a plan to obtain models. 

3D machine control systems use models of your worksite to provide your equipment with the location data. However, most contractors don’t have experience building these models and may not have anyone on their team with the skills necessary to do so. Hiring someone to take on this role can be very costly, so many contractors choose to outsource model building. 

With model building services, not only do you save money, but you can rely on our expertise to create highly accurate models for your machine control system. Errors in data collection or data entry directly impact the word you do, causing inaccuracies in your earthmoving operation. 

Partner With GPS Alaska and Watch Your Profits Grow 

GPS Alaska is your one-stop shop for helping you grow your construction business. We’re here to help you find the best technology solutions for surveying and earthmoving operations, and we offer model building and construction takeoff services so you can focus on placing more bids and completing even more projects. 

You’re already putting in the hard effort to do your best work and keep customers happy. If you feel like you’ve already invested as much time as you possibly can into growing and scaling your business, the solution isn’t for you and your crew to just keep trying to work faster, longer, and harder. Instead, you need to seek out solutions that will enable your crew to greatly increase their efficiency and accuracy. You also need to identify steps in the process that are sucking up too much time and find ways to make these more efficient or outsource them. By making smart moves, you’ll find yourself running a large, smooth operation and avoid the burnout and frustration that comes with trying to do it all. 

GPS Alaska is here to make that a reality for your crew. And when you choose us, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your needs are taken care of. Have a tight bid deadline and need a construction takeoff ASAP? Require a machine control model to get started on your next project? Experiencing an issue with your machine control system? We’re here to make it happen. 

You’ll never meet a team of true Alaskans that are as quick and responsive to your needs. Call GPS Alaska to get started.